Jan 17 2014

As a business owner, I know the importance of having a good backup system in which we can trust, but not always the tools we have are enough. This week I got to my office and found my server down and I tried to manage the situation with no results. I thought all the information of our clients and employees were lost. We tried with a company we have here in Puerto Rico to fix the problem but they couldn't. On Tuesday we search on internet the bests companies on hard disk and data recovery situations and we found ADRS-FL! In less than we expected we had our problem fixed. First when you call to ADRS-FL you will receive a great service and great convinced information of what you are expecting from them. I have to mention Lisa did an amazing customer service always with a great attitude, she is THE BEST!!!! The technicians were great and thank to them we have all our information that I thought was lost.

Thank ADRS-FL for your professionalism and great customer service. Great experience!!!

Tony Mazor

Beyond Management San Juan, Puerto Rico


Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!
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Sadly it’s never about IF your hard drive fails but when…

Taking into consideration just how important all your sensitive information really is, you might only get one chance to recover your data, so do place it in the hands of our successful retrieval company.  


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3 Things You Need to Perform Physical Data Recovery

Physical data recovery is an extremely expensive business, with some data recovery companies charging in excess of $3000 to recover data from a single drive. This has led many at-home computer repair people to dream of setting up their own data recovery outfit, and it has inspired countless data loss victims to attempt to recover their own hard drives. Unfortunately, there's a reason for that expense--there's a lot of equipment involved in data recovery. Here are three things that every good data recovery company should have before attempting physical data recovery.

1. A class 100 clean room. Because hard drive read/write heads operate at an incredibly close proximity to the platters that store data, the slightest contaminant, even a speck of dust, can permanently ruin a hard drive by coming into contact with these heads, sending them crashing into the platters and scraping off the magnetic data that the drive had contained. Class 100 clean rooms prevent this from happening while a hard drive is open and being worked on. The Class 100 means that for every square foot of space, there's less than 100 particles; it's a designation that's also used for medical technology. Clean flow benches may also be used for data recovery, but either option costs a minimum of $6,000 to set up and maintain.

2. Firmware repair equipment. The physical components of a hard drive aren't the only thing that can fail. When the electronics of a hard drive fail, it's often necessary to work with the firmware of the drive in order to get a clean recovery. Modern hard drives simply can't have their electronics boards replaced with a similar or even exact model--specific adaptives put onto the hard drive during its manufacture won't be on those other drives, so delicate firmware work and very careful chip replacement must be used in some circumstances for a recovery to be successful. These firmware repair tools can cost upwards of $10,000.

3. Experience. Unfortunately, there's nothing quite like experience when it comes to data recovery; each hard drive is like a patient in a hospital, and each problem can be unique, dependent on the manufacturer, model, and more. Good engineers can use their equipment to read around platter damage, can look at hex code to determine whether data is recoverable, and can destripe large amounts of RAID data when necessary. Most data recovery companies have extensive training programs that require new employees to work under a more experienced supervisor for several years for this reason.